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Industry Focus

  • Automotive and Aerospace: This industry is in the process of disruptive transformation. For an optimal implementation of new procedures, production processes, and leadership topics, people are needed who keep pace with the times, are open-minded and able to keep trying new approaches, allow a culture of constructive criticism, and can bring teams along with them.

  • Manufacturing industry / mechanical engineering: Knowledge of materials, work steps, and the use of machines/robots characterize everyday work in this sector. The constant observation of the market with all its aspects as well as structural changes requires agile and competent employees.

  • Biotechnology / Chemistry / Pharmacy: These exciting sectors offer highly interesting opportunities for development, curiosity, and expert knowledge.

  • Energy supply / energy industry: Regarding the future design of energy supply, specialized employees and competent leaders are required who want to bring new technologies to bear with confidence.

  • Logistics and transport: The networking and digitization of systems are a central challenge for the future.

  • FMCG: Innovative strength and dedication to the products characterize this area. Customer loyalty and sustainability are important factors.

  • IT / Software: Data security, cybersecurity, best applicable software solutions, and relatively maintenance-free hardware require highly trained employees who have an overview and yet pay attention to details.


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