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Project Process

  1. Phase:


    Detailed briefing discussion with the client, taking into account all important aspects:

    Presentation of the company with its culture and organizational structure

    Requirements and scope of responsibility of the position sought

    Necessary skills and professional experience of the future employee

    Determination of the salary range as well as bonuses, if applicable.


    2. Phase:

    Preparation of a meaningful exposé with essential requirements and qualification competencies. The exposé is made available to interested candidates for initial information.

    Drawing up a list of target companies and a blacklist of companies that should not be considered for a search under any circumstances.


    3. Phase:

    Focused discreet search and identification of potential candidates via various search channels. Qualified initial approach as well as informative short interviews with interested candidates.


    4. Phase:

    Selection of top candidates through further in-depth interviews, in which we clarify the professional and personal suitability for the respective position and (if desired) conduct a potential analysis.


    5. Phase:

    Recommendation and presentation of the best candidates for a first interview at the client's premises with detailed information. We present our clients with a report including a CV, all professional and personal competencies, as well as our assessment of the fit for the position searched for.


    6. Phase:

    Personal interviews of the candidates at the client's company with the decision-makers involved. We accompany these interviews if desired and are neutral advisors for both sides. In this phase, we are happy to obtain references from superiors and/or colleagues in the professional past. If the candidate consents, we can also contact the current work environment.


    7. Phase:

    Supporting the contract negotiation with our expertise with a successful conclusion. Happy end!


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